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How can we help?


Alternately Heavenly Pets Spirits will make the removal from the veterinarian facility, your home, or another location.



By pre-planning this will help eliminate

some stress during this difficult time.

Heavenly Pet Spirits is proud to announce, that we offer a Feline Rescue.  My rescue will offer you, the best upstanding satisfaction we can provide.  All cats will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  As well with optional health insurance.    More information will be coming soon.  

Immediate Need
We are available by phone 24 hours a day
Call     (724) 847-4700
            (724) 305-0000
Press 1 Emergency Only​​
3823  4th Ave
Beaver Falls, Pa 15010
Pull into parking lot of funeral home and you will see our sign.


If you can make a DONATION to help me with the CAT RESCUE, I would be so THANKFUL.  My RESCUE is funded by Heavenly Pet Spirits, Inc and my personal money.

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